Water heating accounts for approximately 14 percent of your home’s annual energy costs. That makes it the third-largest source of energy consumption in your home, next only to heating and cooling costs. With that in mind, wouldn’t you like to ensure that your water heater is operating as efficiently as possible all year long? A water heater tune up or refurbishment from Cabrillo is just what you need!

What goes into a water heater tune up?

  • Check for water leaks. If your water heater develops leaks, it can lead to wasted water, expensive repairs and safety hazards in your home. That’s why we will inspect your unit for any leaks during a water heater tune up and fix them before they develop into a bigger problem.
  • Drain and flush your tank. Over time, sediment and mineral deposits build up on the bottom of your water heater’s tank. This causes your unit to run less efficiently. By draining your tank, all of that sediment buildup will be released and your unit can return to its normal operating efficiency.
  • Test the temperature pressure relief valve. Your TP relief valvehas the important task of protecting your unit from problems if the temperature or pressure inside your tank gets too high. During your tune up, we’ll inspect your TP relief valve for any water leaks and ensure that it is operating properly.
  • Clean your burner assembly. When the burner assembly on your water heater gets dirty, it can reduce efficiency and cause damage to your unit. That’s why we fully clean this part of your water heater during your tune up.
  • Test your gas valve. Your water heater’s gas valve is another important component of your unit, which is why we test to make sure it’s operating properly and correct any problems that we might discover.
  • Check for proper venting of combustion gasses. Without proper ventilation, the carbon monoxide that’s produced by your water heater can pose serious safety threats to your home. During your water heater tune up, we’ll make sure there are no cracks in your ventilation pipes and that combustion gasses are properly carried out of your home.

Give new life to your unit with a water heater refurbishment

If you’ve noticed that your water heater is not running as efficiently as it once did, a water heater refurbishment from Cabrillo can be the perfect solution. Not only will we perform the water heater tune up tasks listed above, but we’ll also install brand new parts like an anode rod and drain valve that will bring your unit up to maximum efficiency and extend its operating life.

If you have any questions about a water heater tune up or refurbishment, or if you’d like a plumbing system serviced or installed in your home, contact Cabrillo, your Bay Area plumbing, heating and cooling company.