Phil Niehaus


Phil Niehaus

Technician Information

  • Title: Fleet Manager

Technician Bio:

  • Name: Phil Niehaus
  • Q – How would you explain the Cabrillo slogan, “The people you want in your home” to someone that asks? Well I actually explain that on the phone quite a bit. Basically I tell people that all our guys are clean-cut, experienced, courteous. They show up in our big rolling warehouse of a truck. They protect your home with shoe covers and floor mats. We’re members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. We’re licensed. We’re bonded. Everything you’d want in a service company.
  • Q – What do you like best about working at Cabrillo? I like that Mike and Jeff really care about your family a lot. They really do care about people – not just the bottom line. The bar is set pretty high here. Expectations are high. But if something comes up with your family, there are no questions asked. They let you take care of your personal situation and worry about work later. Everyone really appreciates that.
  • Q – What makes Cabrillo’s customer service so special? Probably the most impressive thing to me is that if a mistake is made, or a job is giving us trouble, Mike or Jeff will often go there personally to try to help out. They’re not hiding in their office. They provide customer service in the same way they ask everyone else to.

More About Me:

Phil is a longtime Cabrillo employee who has seen and done it all. Right now he manages everything to do with all our fleet of super vans and service vehicles. No small task now that the company has grown like it has. Phil spent 37 years in the retail business before coming to Cabrillo. He started as a part-time temporary employee but it didn’t take long for him to realize that Cabrillo was a company he wanted to be with permanently.