Technician Information

    Technician Bio:

    • Name: Meatball
    • Q – How would you explain the Cabrillo slogan, “The people you want in your home” to someone that asks? I have 2 words, “Potty Trained” You don’t want people that aren’t. Trust me. Well maybe more like someone that cleans up after themselves and doesn’t make a mess like a ninja that does plumbing and heating, that’s what we are!
    • Q – What do you like best about working at Cabrillo? Cabrillo has the best treats. They all play with me and buy me new toys and treats and I have my own company jacket so I look like one of the guys. They don’t get mad at me even when I have an “oopsie”. You know what I mean? I’m not allowed on the jobsites, but I’m working on it.
    • Q – What makes Cabrillo’s customer service so special? Cabrillo cares about their customers and tries to make them happy by doing great work. They are knowledgeable and extra nice when they answer the phones, I know because I listen to my Mommy and she’s always on the phone.

    More About Me:

    Meatball started his puppy position at the age of 8 weeks, he saw an ad on Craigslist for a puppy apprenticeship program.