Jeff Meehan


Jeff Meehan

Technician Information

  • Title: Owner and President

Technician Bio:

  • Name: Jeff Meehan
  • Q – How would you explain the Cabrillo slogan, “The people you want in your home” to someone that asks? It truly means we provide the highest level of quality and service. There are many companies I wouldn’t want in my home. I didn’t want anyone to ever feel that way about Cabrillo. Our clients expect a lot. Because of that, we’re pretty demanding of our employees. They have to look right, act properly and perform to a very high standard. People want to feel safe, secure and comfortable when they let service people into their home. It’s a scary world out there. We do everything we can to put our clients at ease. Only 1 out of 53 applicants are ever hired at Cabrillo because of our high standards and background screening. Our clients want a company who will be here today and tomorrow. By that I mean they want a solid company they can trust. They want consistent, professional service and customer support. With that in mind, we decided that “the people you want in your home” was the best way to illustrate what a client could expect when they call Cabrillo.
  • Q – What do you like best about working at Cabrillo? We truly have the best people and that makes my job a lot easier. It’s a pleasure coming to work here because I know everyone is on board with what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s the teamwork and “get it done” attitude that every employee shares that makes this a great place to work. Our employees are really the secret to Cabrillo’s success. They make everything possible. They’re truly the cream of the crop.
  • Q – What makes Cabrillo’s customer service so special? We do so many jobs day in and day out that we’re bound to make a mistake now and then. When that happens, we do whatever we can to make things right. Rather than one example, generally speaking, we’re not happy until our client is. Repeat and referral business are the lifeblood of the company. We wouldn’t get either of those if we didn’t treat people right. We never want anyone to say that they weren’t treated fairly at Cabrillo. That’s why Mike and I are always available to help resolve any issues that come up.

More About Me:

Jeff is the driving force behind Cabrillo’s mission to be the best service company in the world. He started here with Cabrillo in 1973 as an apprentice plumber, working to put himself through college. In 1982 he went into business for himself. Meehan Plumbing operated in the Bay Area for 8 years before merging with Jeff’s original employer, Cabrillo Plumbing. At Cabrillo for the second time, Jeff teamed up with co-owner Mike Kent and together they set out to change the way plumbing service was done. Their goal was to create a company that offered the highest level of professional workmanship and customer satisfaction.