Celes Garcia


Celes Garcia

Technician Information

  • Title: Installation Technician

Technician Bio:

  • Name: Celes Garcia
  • Q – How would you explain the Cabrillo slogan, “The people you want in your home” to someone that asks? We’re not just coming out to fix your plumbing problem — we’re your family plumber. We build relationships with our clients. It’s not a one-time thing. We want people to like us and trust us enough that they’re not going to think twice about who to call the next time they have a problem.
  • Q – What do you like best about working at Cabrillo? I like that we’re judged by the quality of our work rather than the quantity. There’s no pressure for us to move faster and do more jobs. We only have to concentrate on the quality of the job and making sure everything is done just right. It creates a very professional atmosphere and you feel good knowing you’re able to do your best on every job.
  • Q – What makes Cabrillo’s customer service so special? Every day we do special things. Even just putting on the shoe covers and showing up in our white uniforms makes a difference for people. The little things add up to one big thing. Our level of service on a day-to-day basis goes beyond anything our clients have seen before. People shouldn’t compare us to the tradesmen who have gone before us at other companies. The difference in what they’ve done and what we do is dramatic — and our customers really notice it.

More About Me:

Celes came to Cabrillo in early 2007. He’s gaining experience as a plumber but he has plenty of experience as a father. He’s got 3 young girls who keep him busy when he’s not out working.