Given how much we use our garbage disposals, it can be extremely annoying when they develop problems like clogs, jams or offensive odors. The best way to avoid problems like these is to be proactive and keep your unit well maintained. Today we’re going to talk about what goes into proper garbage disposal maintenance and how it can help keep your unit working great!

Keeping your garbage disposal blades sharp

One of the most important aspects of garbage disposal maintenance is keeping your unit’s blades sharp. You can do this by periodically feeding a tray of ice cubes down your disposal and grinding them up. Not only will this help sharpen your disposal’s blades, but it will also help clean your unit by removing food particles that might be stuck to its blades or walls.

Avoiding clogs with your garbage disposal

Garbage disposal clogs can easily occur if you don’t know how to properly use your unit. In order to keep your garbage disposal well maintained and free of clogs, make sure you do the following:

  • Run cold water before, during and after the use of your disposal to help move particles down the drain.
  • Only use cold water with your disposal. Hot water will cause grease and oils to congeal and clog your plumbing system.
  • Feed food items one at a time instead of all at once in order to avoid jamming your unit.
  • Avoid grinding anything hard, fibrous or stringy that can clog or jam your unit.
  • If you suspect that your disposal is beginning to clog, fill your sink with cold water and remove the stopper. The force of the water will help drain stubborn particles.

Keeping your garbage disposal smelling good

When you think about all of the food waste that we feed our garbage disposals, it’s understandable that they can develop “bad breath.” One of the best garbage disposal maintenance tips for keeping your unit smelling good is to grind up a small amount of orange or lemon peels. These peels are extremely aromatic, and it doesn’t take much to keep your unit and drain smelling great!

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