How to Deal with Hard Water Problems in Your Dishwasher

Hard water can have a number of effects on your home, but some of the most noticeable ones occur in your dishwasher. Today we’re going to discuss the different effects of hard water on your dishwasher and give you four ways you can fix the issues you might have.
What are the effects of hard water […]

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Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement – Do It Yourself?

Quick, name the most under-appreciated appliance in your home.

No, it’s not your washer or dryer–after all everybody appreciates clean clothes.

It’s certainly not your refrigerator. How else could you keep your drinks cold and your ice cream frozen? No one would willingly give up their refrigerator!

And while some plumbing professionals would argue that the always reliable […]

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Green Savings From Green Plumbing?

The growing international concern about potential limits on resources has stimulated a quest to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet.  As plumbers, we’re no exception.  We’ve gone green and it could mean more money in your pocket.

When you get down to it, green plumbing is simply minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.  These […]

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5 Things You Should Expect from Your San Francisco Plumber

People in the Bay Area have a lot of choices when it comes to calling on a San Francisco plumber. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know what a local plumbing company is really like until you actually have them out to your home. Here’s a list of 5 things you should expect from any service company […]

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Fix a Toilet, No Problem. Yeah, right!

Being in the contracting business for so long, we get to know a lot of people from other trades. Trades-people like to fix their own stuff, so we’re always helping each other out with professional advice.

As plumbers, one of the most common questions we get comes from people who are trying to fix their own […]

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Replacing a Toilet the Cabrillo Way

Care to see how we go about replacing a toilet? Take a look at this video from one of our recent installations. As always, we strive to deliver quality every step of the way.

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San Francisco Plumbing Solutions

If you find yourself in need of a San Francisco plumber, we certainly can help. We’ve been performing all types ofplumbing repairs in San Francisco since 1961. That’s a long time and a lot of pipes and toilets. But what’s that mean to you?

Well, if you live in San Francisco, you know that it’s a […]

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How About some Outside Hose Bibs?

Whether you call them outside water hydrants or hose bibs, if you spend a lot of time working on your yard or keeping your vehicles clean, you know how handy they can be. If you’re constantly connecting hoses together and stretching them out around your yard, you probably also know how aggravating it can be […]

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Bring Your Shower Fixtures into the 21st Century

If you’re like many Bay Area homeowners, the shower fixtures in your master bath may have been installed back when even having a shower was considered a luxury. In those days taking a shower was often just a quick way to get clean without having to take time to draw a bath — any fixture high enough to […]

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Ready for a New Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is one of those kitchen conveniences that once you start using it– you wonder how you ever did without. Dishes that you had to scrape off into a trash receptacle can now be simply rinsed in the sink and with one flick of a switch — all of that leftover food is gone […]

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