Our Recommended Thermostat Settings for winter in the Bay Area

We’re lucky to have such mild weather here in the Bay Area. But we’re approaching that time of year when temperatures are going to dip a bit lower than usual and many homeowners will be using their furnaces more consistently. For all of you energy-conscious homeowners out there, we wanted to provide you with our […]

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8 Gas Furnace Safety Tips for Bay Area Homeowners

Although gas furnaces are designed to operate safely in your home, a number of things can go wrong over the course of their operating lives that can pose safety threats to you and your family. Luckily, most safety problems with gas furnaces can be avoided by following the gas furnace safety tips below.
8 gas furnace […]

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Cracked Heat Exchangers: What Bay Area Homeowners Need to Know

Of all the things that can go wrong with your furnace, a cracked heat exchanger is one of the most serious. That’s because a cracked heat exchanger is not only bad for your furnace, but it can also pose a safety threat to you and your family. Read on to discover how heat exchangers can […]

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When is it Time to Replace Your Furnace? 7 Questions to Ask

Choosing to repair or replace your furnace is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A new heating system is a big investment for your home, and you want to make sure you get the most out of your current system before you replace it with a new one. So when is the best time […]

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5 Things to Check When Your Furnace is Not Heating… And When to Call the Pros

We’re well into the heating season, which means this is one of the worst times of the year to experience problems with your furnace in the Bay Area. Below are a few things you can check if your furnace is not heating your home properly and some scenarios in which it’s best to give Cabrillo […]

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Don’t Ignore Strange Noises Coming from your Furnace

You’re probably used to the normal operating noises of your furnace: the sound of your unit kicking on or air blowing through your registers. But every once in a while a noise might develop from your furnace that you haven’t heard before. Where did this new noise come from? What should you do about it? […]

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Now’s a Great time to Schedule Your Annual Furnace Maintenance with Cabrillo!

Fall is officially here in the Bay Area! This is the time of year that homeowners can not only enjoy some beautiful weather, but also take some early steps toward getting their homes ready for the heating season. When it comes to the latter, scheduling your annual furnace maintenance with Cabrillo should be near the […]

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4 Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump Heating System in your Bay Area Home

Although a furnace is the most well-known type of residential heating system, a heat pump is another kind of heating system that is growing in popularity in Bay Area Homes. That’s because along with being highly energy-efficient, heat pumps offer a number of other attractive benefits for homeowners. Today we’re going to talk about what […]

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Buying a Furnace this Year? Here are some Key Factors to Consider

You have a lot of decisions to make when you’re buying a new furnace, and it can be stressful trying to figure out which choices are best for your Bay Area home. Today we’re going to help ensure you get the most out of your investment in a new heating system by going over some […]

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Proper Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement is Important to your Home’s Safety

One of the best ways to keep your home safe this heating season is to check that your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are functioning properly. But even if all your detectors are working great, did you know that the location of your detectors can impact their effectiveness? Today we’re going to talk about the importance […]

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