20 Ways to Save Water in the San Francisco Bay Area

For a long time, folks just assumed we’d always have an unlimited supply of fresh water. Now we all realize that’s not the case. People in the Bay Area are more aware than most and are doing their part to conserve water. This list might give you some new ideas!

    • When doing the dishes, fill one sink with soapy water and the other with rinsing water.
    • Don’t plant home turf in areas where it’s hard to water, like steep inclines, strips along sidewalks, and driveways.
    • Keep drinking water in a jug in the fridge so that every drop of water goes down someone not the sink.
    • Check out your bill and water meter to gauge your water use.
    • Collect your leftover water for water plants and washing produce.
    • Shorten your watering time.  Better absorption occurs without overwatering plants.
    • Check outdoor faucets, pipes, and hoses for leaks.
    • Adjust the lawn mower to a higher blade setting.  This will leave your grass blades a little longer, which will hold more water than short grass blades.
    • Use the water from your fish tank to water your plants when you clean it out.  The water is nutritious for the plants!
    • In your toilet tank, put food coloring to see if it seeps in your toilet bowl.
    • On driveways and other walking areas on your lawn, use porous materials.  It keeps water in your yard and prevents runoff.
    • In the summer, water your lawn every three days and in the winter water it every five days.
    • Do you know where your master shut off valve is located?  If a pipe were to burst, this knowledge would save you lots of damage to your home and many gallons of water.
    • Get rid of that tissue in the trash instead of wasting water on flushing it down the toilet.
    • Leave lower branches on trees and shrubs.  The leaf litter keeps the soil cooler and reduces evaporation.
    • Be sure only to water plants when necessary.  More plants die from over-watering than from under-watering.
    • To retain more of the nutrients in your food, cook food in as little water as possible.
    • Bathe your pets in a dry area in your lawn.
    • Install new water-saving appliances, like washing machines that save up to 20 gallons per load.
    • Aerate your lawn by punching holes in your lawn about six inches apart.  Water will reach the roots rather than run off the surface.


Have some better ideas? Let’s hear about them. Let us know what you’re doing to conserve water at your San Francisco area home or business.